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Brand Enabler

With over 20 million users, the social media in Nigeria and have become a veritable tool for e-governance in addition to providing an exponential platform for enterpreneurs, individuals, companies and organizations to leverage on on their operations. It is in...

Social engineering

The NAIJA IS NICE! videos Campaign platform ,the SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONALITIES, PAGES, HEROES AND HEROINES and "AFRICA! It's a beautiful world" are designed with a view to igniting a national and social resurgence which will engender the Noble dream of...

Digital Media

It is an exciting moment for us as we share positive indicative results of our years of hard work and research; one being it that's 8 out of 10 of our video documentaries and "NAIJA IS NICE!" vol 1-5 and "AFRICA! It's a beautiful world" vol 1-3, have been officially...

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