March 08, 2021

The gateway to the sub conscious mind is open at this time/ hour. The Reticular Activation System, RAS, functions as the gatekeeper and is at the base of the brain where you have the spinal cord. The brain operates in waves or cycles per second (measured in Hertz) At 4 a.m. the brain is at the Alpha phase.
They go to bed early and wake up early at 4 a.m. When the RAS can be optimized in the morning being that then, the brain waves/ flow is around 8-13 Hertz. This is the best time to pray and then make your affirmations and visualization of your goals so as to achieve optimal productivity, performance and thus crystallization of your goals by planting them in the subconscious mind.

In other words, “the brain is a broadcasting and receiving substation for thought vibrations, just as the boundaries between dimensions are at its thinnest” This was what Elon Musk meant when he said during an interview that you should “focus on signals and ignore every noise” Our conscious and subconscious mind and brain are most impressionable at this phase (8-13 Hertz=4) and soaks up information or messages effortlessly while also performing optimally or at its maximum in transmitting signals, prayers, affirmations etc THERE IS LESS NOISE AND DISTRACTIONS, so you can get clearest signals and inspiration from the purest and highest source- God.

Ever wondered how come the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye at 79 has written more than 77 Books apart from his other phenomenal achievements including planting the RCCG in more than 190 countries!

Now, here is the Billion dollar question. WHO LIKES PROBLEMS AND ENJOYS SOLVING OTHER PEOPLES PROBLEMS? ….uh uh, I see…Now I understand why there are only 2,095 Billionaires on Earth. Truth is YOU CAN NOT BE A BILLIONAIRE IF YOU HAVE NO EMPATHY!!!!!!!
For the few who raised your hands among the called, here are the 15 problems to solve if you want to be a billionaire.
1. Obesity- A weight loss pill without side effects
2. Dearth of biodegradable product Packaging-Viable plastic replacement
3. Bio-printing- Organ replacement
4. Population control/ Explosion-Male birth control pill
5. Rape/ Sex relate4d crimes- Sex Robots
6. Hair loss- Hair Regeneration
7. Death and Mortality- Life extension and Anti-aging pills
8. Asteroid Mining-Space Exploration
9. Lack of Food/Nutrition-Food production-storage/optimization Technology.
10. Water Scarcity-Salt water treatment and conversion Technology
11. Renewable Energy-Energy storage optimization Technology.
12. .Digital Military Technology.
13. Artificial intelligence and Robotics.
14. Internet for all.
15. Privacy and Data security.

SOURCES: www.eaadeboye.com