ELON MUSK: Connecting the dots, Creating the Future.

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March 09, 2021

According to Forbes current reports, there are 2095 billionaires on earth. On the 7th of January 2021, Elon Musk became the 1th on the list with a total net worth of $185 Billion Dollars, beating Jeff Bezzos, the world’s former richest man to the second place with $184 Billion Dollars.
A visionary, with the knack for connecting the dots and creating the future, Elon Musk has eight companies. These include Tesla, Solarcity, Hyperloop, SpaceX, Starlink, Open AI, Neural Link and the Boring Company.

Pioneering the idea of space tourism through reusable rockets, Elon Musk’s Company, SpaceX is planning to make man a multi-planetary citizen in the next decade or less. Elon Musk plans to take 1 million people to Mars in 2024. He also like his arch rival, jeff Bezzos and his Blue Origin company, has his eyes on the $800 Quadrillion worth of gold, Asteroid mining business.
Starlink is creating a satellite internet constellation by deploying 42,000 satellites into space.
Tesla has already rolled out its first set of electric cars and has overtaken Toyota, Ford and GM to become the most valuable automobile company, Through an aggressive marketing plan. Solar City is poised to poised to become the number 1 roofing company with its solar roofing tiles.
The Boring company is building a 3 D network of tunnels that will alleviate traffic problems by introducing its company, Hyperloop’s high speed trains and self-driving electric cars.
The billion-dollar question now is, who will become the world’s first trillionaire? Africa might just spring a surprise of the Millennium.