May 31, 2021

The richest man ever was a black man, his name was Mansa Musa. Yes, Solomon was the wisest man but not the richest. Experts believe that Emperor (Mansa) Musa was the wealthiest man with a net worth in excess of Four Hundred billion Dollars ($400,000,000,000) He had more than 40% of the world’s Gold and salt too, even more than Ophir’s ( Zimbabwe’s ) bible legend.

A little bit of history here. Mansa Musa was born in 1280 to the Keita ruling family in Mali. His elder brother Emperor Abu Bakr 11, surrendered his throne and embarked on an expedition on the Atlantic Ocean with a fleet of two thousand ships. Some of the ships sank in the Atlantic, close to the Island Columbus later sailed to and named San Salvadore, where he encountered dark skinned natives who wore gold trinkets.

A faithful and devout Muslim, Emperor Musa practiced the virtue of giving and also practiced the virtue of investing though to a lesser extent. The Sankore University, Timbuktu, now a fully staffed University with over 25,000 students and one of the largest libraries in the world is clearly a testimony to the fact that he was a visionary.

During his legendary pilgrimage to Mecca, he spent so much and gave out much more in gold that he single handedly crashed the world gold price and cased a global inflation. It was a honest mistake and he embarked on on a buyback deal to recover some of the gold.
Truth is, Africa is blessed with Acres upon Acres of Diamonds, Gold, Oil and precious stones and metals. Sadly, until recently though, it has been replete with stories of mind boggling plunder and squandering of riches.

Mr Jim Ovia
Jim Ovia,s bestsejjing book, AFRICA: RISE AND SHINE, represents an emergence of a new set of 360 degrees leaders and global icons from Africa and a paradigm shift.
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Mr Jim Oviah