June 01, 2021

Modern life styles for both sexes can now be summed up in one sentence. “Tweet, Twerk and Telecommute”. The covid-19 pandemic and the concomitant lock downs had, in one fell swoop compelled most people to work from home. The idea of Telecommuting has been with us since the advent of personal computers in homes and work places but was not globally accepted let alone enforced. With a fast modem and PC top executives and professionals could engage in video conferencing and work from home.

The Small Office Home Office (SOHO) idea was then popularized by the IT professionals and a privileged few, apart from fortune 500 Company execs. Twelve years ago, I uploaded a video on YouTube titled SOHO way to go. As a visionary, entrepreneur, one had envisaged it but definitely not as massive as we have to witness it today.

Staying and working indoors for a long stretch can be insanely boring and unhealthy, a sedentary lifestyle is a health and fitness no no, so in order to maintain their sanity during the lock down, the tweeting and twerking sub culture evolved creating exciting spin-off such as video skits and E-concerts/ webinars.

One of the most successful E-concerts was sponsored by Trophy Beer and featured Tubaba and Hypertek Team. Dele Momodu’s Zoom Party, a Birthday Party Concept introduced by HipTv’s Mr Ayo Animashaun, made quite a buzz as it trended on social media.

SOURCES: Google Inc’
PHOTO CREDITS: Hypertek, HipTV, Kemi Filani